everyone should MEMORIZE the QURAN

have you ever wanted to memorize the quran?  and i emphasize ever.  know why? cuz many of us have thought about it, and for one reason or other never followed up.

apparently as soon as you want to do a good deed you should do it.  cuz as soon as you think about it, shaytaan (satan, et. al.) will do everything in his arsenal to stop you.

but what happens when you start something, but never finish?  then you end up just starting a bunch of good deeds, doing them once and never really doing them again.  examples include: trying to memorize the quran, praying tahajjud, cleaning the house, helping your wife/mom with the kids/house/etc, creating a halaqa, joining weekly lectures, praying nafl salat, fasting nafl fasts, and so on.

so since shaytaan has his crew to battle us and take us off the path to do good, we need our own crew.  then we need someone who can keep us on the right path.

so since i now live near SBA, there are tons of scholars there all day.  during one of my 3-day stints i mentioned to a brother that i’ve always wanted to memorize, tried several times, but never followed through.  in my past 27 years, i’ve memorized about 30 surahs.  isn’t that sad?

so he suggested getting a group together, which i finally decided to do.  let’s see what happens.

by the way, i hope the colors aren’t too annoying, i’m just experimenting.


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