ijtema, precious provisions, bbq?

this weekend i had a choice to make.  the tj’s tablighi_jamaatwere doing their annual ijtema from friday asr to sunday zuhr.  yq is in town for a single weekend seminarwhat_is_almaghrib.  and one of my good friends invited my family for a bbq party all day sunday.

initially i was gonna do the ijtema and the bbq.  this way i have fun and earn something for the akhira.

but seeing as my wife has NEVER done a almaghrib course, i figured it would be the best.  so we’re going tonight!

the only weird thing is explaining to people at the ijtema why i’m not going.  i just tell them that i’ve got something, and be real shady about it.  know why? cuz i can’t stand the arguments.  you know, the ones about “those guys are wrong, only we are right.”

my dad told me once that never follow any group or person that says everyone is wrong.  cuz they themselves are wrong.

peace out.


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