think you’re building good deeds, but not really…

day 2 precious provisions. just finished off fiqh of food. i love how we learn all the views. YQ’s big point i took away today is learn to respect one another and know that there are multiple views/rulings each based on reliable sources.

my issue is that i want to earn the most amount of good deeds possible (just like the other billion out there), but i don’t want to give myself made up or misunderstood hurdles and strive to overcome them when there truly isn’t any extra points in doing so.

so now i don’t have to worry about whether i am missing out on gaining a few points by not eating with my hand at work and using a spoon. i can instead worry about my salah, my relationship with my family and friends and so on.


on another note, the kids had a lot of fun.  we took a laundry bag full of toys and let them have it.  there must have been at least 15-20 kids there.  it was really noisy at times, but they enjoyed themselves.  unfortunately by the end of the day they had worn themselves out and were really irritable.

mebbe next time i’ll get one of those inflatable bouncing gyms…


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