wait till your father gets home

what is it about children not listening to their mother, but once the father is mentioned they straighten up?  it’s happened many times with all of my kids.  school, dinner, sharing, homework, behavior, language, prayer and so on.  last night, zayd was going crazy, non-stop crying. nothing appeased the sucker.  so i exercised my authority and the boy became my best friend.  he even kissed me good night.

i remember the first time i brought home a bad grade.  our family was known for it’s 95+ grades on all exams – whether they were the state reading/math exams or weekly spelling tests.  we were the classic immigrant family.  do bad and be disowned (not really).  anyway, my first failing score was in 7th grade when i brought home a 43 on a test in spanish class.  man, was i sweating bullets.  i showed my mother, who’s first words were, “wait till your father gets home.”  she wasn’t upset, and actually didn’t yell much.

so what did i do? i went to sleep at 6:30, about a half-hour before my father comes home.  how can he yell at me if i’m asleep?  and a good nights rest will help appease his anger.  in the morning i was very much surprised by my dad’s reaction.  he said that he was disappointed in me that i didn’t do well, but he knew i tried.  it was as if he knew i didn’t mean to do bad, it just kind of happened.

and that’s been the case all these years.  my parents always ask me to do my best.  they never look at the end result, but measure my success in whether i gave it my best shot.  pretty cool, huh?

i knew someone in high school who said their head would have been shaved off if they ever brought home a failing grade.  they were Vietnamese.  more about that another time.

cool post about parenting on muslim matters ==> JOB OPPORTUNITY


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