urdu words

alhamdulillah, i’ve been going to mufti naval ur rahman’s talks on fridays (the dars-e-quran, i.e. quran lectures).  the only issue is i don’t understand 1 out of every 7-8 words.  so my wife told me i should write them down and ask.  the following is from the past month.  it’s a lot, i’m gonna try to give you a list weekly so it’s not so many at a time.  oh, if the meanings are weird or incorrect, let me know.

aapus mei taaluq  =  keep relation with each other
aasaaish  =  comforts
aazaab ke sabab  =  as a result of punishment
afraat  =  abundance
ahed chickney  =  break promise
aiyb (ki bath)  =  imperfect (bad talk)
akal ke muaafiq  =  with wisdom
aslaaf  =  good people (of society)
asraat  =  effect (naam ki asraat – the effect of names)
azmaaish  =  test
bakheel  =  stingy
barei afrad  =  group of important individuals
beihaysiyat  =  in no position
deen ka nafa  =  profit, gain from deen
etebar  =  trust, depend
futuhaath  =  victories
ghaalib  =  overcome
ghazab  =  anger
haleef  =  ally
haq talfee  =  deprieving someone’s rights
haqthalashanu  =  Almighty God
himayat  =  in favor of
hujjat  =  argument
ibrat  =  to learn a lesson
ikhtiyar  =  option
itaath  =  obey, obedience
izaafey ka sabab  =  as a result of increasing your means (what happens when you get rich)
kayfiyat  =  situation/condition
khiyanat  =  betrayal, misuse
khusuusiyat  =  unique
kina  =  jeolousy
kothaahee  =  shortcoming
leehaaz  =  out of concern, respect
mahroom  =  deprieved
mansoob (allah ke taraf)  =  connect (with Allah)
maqdoosh  =  falling apart, run-down
mazmoon  =  article, subject
misaal ke taur  =  as an example
motabar  =  honorable
muaafikhat  =  agreement
muaafiq  =  in favor of
mukarar  =  assigned
mulaazimath  =  work, job
munaasib  =  appropriate
muqadima  =  presenting your case
murad  =  desire, wish
murawwath  =  good behavior, relationship
mutaasir  =  impress, influence
mutaasir  =  affected
mutabiq  =  according to
mutaliq  =  relation
mutawajai  =  give attention to
panna  =  shelter (or Allah ke panna – protection in Allah)
pita maru  =  kill your desire
rabta  =  connection
robe  =  impression
rozee  =  food, sustenance
sabab  =  consequence
shobei  =  departments
shumar  =  included
sutoon  =  pillar
ta’aseer  =  effect
taabeidari  =  followers
taabir  =  interpretation
taadaad  =  numbers
taajur  =  merchant
taawoon  =  cooperation
taaziyat  =  visit deceased family
tabdeel karna  =  exchange
tahneek  =  chewing/softening something in your mouth to feed to your child
takreeb  =  function
taqseem  =  divide
targheeb  =  advice, recommendation
tasalli  =  condolence
tasawwur  =  concept
tawajo dena  =  give attention to
tihkaana  =  place where you live
wasaail  =  means
zaaid  =  additional
zaat  =  caste, personality
zareeya taleem  =  medium of education


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