consistency, Rapid Improvement Event, IEPs

so today we join mufti kamani’s fiqh class.  but i was looking to do hifz, you say?  aha, the fiqh class is a test.  he wants to see how dedicated we truly are.  if we were to start memorizing and then stop after a few weeks (which, i dare say, is very likely with people like me – you know, the ones who get hyped and start, but never finish) then that would be very bad.  but if we joined a fiqh class and stopped, it’s not as bad.

so essentially, he would like our desire to be objectively manifested in our consistency with at least 1 class a week with future plans on two.  smart guy.  i guess that’s why he’s a mufti.


tomorrow i do the RIE – rapid improvement event – for the emergency room.  it’s where we make minor changes to improve ed workflow.  someone got rid of a useless check on the computer that the nurses had to do before a lab could be processed and it saved 30 minutes per patient!  good work.  i’ll tell you how it goes.


i think we are going to take amina out of guidance and put her in a public school with an individualized education plan.  i’ll provide more info after she gets her assessment.  this is what an iep is => IEP


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