what a day…

started with fajr.  then fajr ball.  all of northside NN showed up.  like 15 heads.  there were also these 3 asian kids from A.S.’s school.  you know, the cool kind of asian, who know how to play ball and billiards, drive riced-up civics, and work out so they don’t look like classic scrawny asians.  anyway, this one guy was big and played really well.  i found out later he’s on the basketball team.  no wonder.  oh yea, some drunk guy placed horse with us for like 10 minutes. he was like, i’m 40 and i’ve still got it.

then i swam only for about half-an-hour cuz i had to go home and get ready for the bbq.  the water was extra cold cuz it rained last night.  but you can’t beat the lake.  no monthly fees.  no naked people at 7 in the morning.  we played taps/tips with 10 people, which wasn’t as fun as last week (way too many people).  and this big dude dunked me and water went up my nose.  (whining…)  next week is NNCC in jersey, so these guys are not gonna be here.

you know, you really are as old as you feel.  i’ve been trying to get these old guys to come out and play after fajr for the longest, but all i get is a – WTH?  they think i’m joking when i say fajr ball or fajr swimming.  so instead i enjoy hanging out with the ym crowd (15-25) cuz they have energy and free time.  i mean look at the way it progressed.  3 weeks ago it was just omer and me.  then it was like 4 people.  this week it was like 20.  i know that i can’t participate in all ym events.  especially last weeks bbq – that was weird as heck.  umair kept introducing me as doctor.  so i slipped away in my civic and ran home.

then we got ready for the bbq.  i packed our civic tight.  you can’t imagine the cargo space a civic has.  i remember when we used to do those carbondale trips from nyc, we would have it packed.  of course in classic hamza style we had to bring the tricycles – which i still don’t get what fun it is riding them on grass.  but tricycles we did bring.  along with our busted grill, charcoal, 2 bowls of chicken and a tub of biryani.

we got to the park at 9:30 AM – no one was there.  we waited until 12:30 before anyone arrived.  3 hours!  serious indian standard time.  we actually waited about 20 minutes before deciding to eat – chicken biryani and bbq chicken.  then we just kind of sat around until people showed up.

it got much better after everyone showed up.  we flew kites, played soccer, ate, and even got into an issue with these drunk guys who wanted some chicken.

what is it with drunk guys?  man i’m glad we don’t drink.  it would get expensive.

but wait, the days not done yet.  gusht at 6.  this time hassan (who’s 15) came.  i ended up doing the bayan.  kinda the same stuff.  talked a little about the importance of salat.  you know, it really is important.  if you miss a prayer and make it up, you will be punished for EIGHTY years!!!  i wonder what happens when you don’t make up a prayer.

now the kids are loaded up on caffeine and won’t sleep until midnight.  they’ve got (summer) school tomorow.  what a jip.


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