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so i just heard of an independent group that is now evaluating multiple halal sources across the U.S. and Canada.  and it looks like Mufti Kamani was part of the last site visit.  they have a blog on wordpress.  check out their latest post => Better Beef.

in precious provisions, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi went through the minimum requirements of slaughter of animals.  its very similar to talmudic law.  he actually told us that in todays world kosher may be more halal than halal itself because of the meticulous detail and rigorous standards done by kosher certification.

the perfect slaughter is all four arteries (trachea, 2 jugular veins and esophagus) while leaving the spinal cord.  depending on the madhab and understanding, the minimum requirement is a variation of the trachea, two jugular veins and esophagus:

  • imam malik and hanbal: all 4
  • hanafi: any 3
  • another position of maliki school: trachea and 2 jugular
  • Abu Yusuf (who was a student of Imam Abu Hanifa): trachea or esophagus plus 1 jugular
  • another hanbali opinion: trachear plus esophagus
  • i didn’t write this school down but the requirement was: any 3 or any 2 plus 1 jugular
  • and if the head of the animal is cut off, the animal is makhruh but not haram

so much variation, i love it.  it allows us to agree to disagree.  regardless, vertical incision doesn’t do anything to fullfill the above requirements, so these better beef guys need to get better with their beef.  hah!


i’m post-second senior call.  it was lame.  they called me at 4:30 to come in and i ended up seeing only 1 patient.  at least i got to sleep for an hour after in the resident’s lounge.  you know, i sleep better at work than at home.  even when i used to be on call.


so i’m really considering learning a martial art.  especially with all these racist pigs who think its open season on muslims.  i think it’s important for everyone to know some basic self-defense skills.  there are a lot of options out there, but if you just want down and dirty street-fighting smarts, i think krav maga is it.  i know, i know, it was developed by the zionists.  but it has now become the standard training for all combat troops, police and swat forces not only here in america, but all over the world.  and there’s tons of places that teach it.  the other option i liked was wing-chun.

if you felt a tingle when i mentioned krav and the zionists, i get you. i know that major oppression is going on there, and my dua goes out to all those under their horrific rule. ponder this => did you know the gene for ataxia telangiectasia was found in israel by yossi shiloh?  this doesn’t legitimize their actions, but we cannot ignore their work.  look at how the jewish people view the experiments of the nazi’s:  “Absolute censorship of the Nazi data does not seem proper, especially when the secrets of saving lives may lie solely in its contents.”  From Cohen.

it’s just like when people from other countries don’t like our country because of the wars that bush, et. al., started.  of the millions living here, the majority have no say in our foreign policy, and don’t agree with war and oppression.  maybe that’s the case in israel?  anyway, i’m not well-versed in foreign affairs, but i do know that oppression is occurring everywhere.  it’s more systematic in certain places like Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sub-Saharan Africa and other places.  we should speak out against it.  but i don’t believe we should ignore the good that comes from the people who are not involved in the oppression.  and worst case scenario, we cannot have complete censorship of their work, especially when we know it can save lives.  or maybe i’m wrong.  allah knows best.

with that side note, here’s krav (turn off the sound, there’s music, or what sounds like music):

here’s wing chun.  fyi, the human weapon videos are really good:

the reason i chose these two is because it doesn’t have all the flashy moves of karate or kung fu, doesn’t take years of practice and is simple and to the point.  also, the best defense is to avoid fighting in general.  use your intellect.  i remember once someone told me that the best defense is being able to run really fast.


lastly, here’s an interesting video that i saw on MM:


One response to “halal central, krav, sign-language

  1. that looks like the type of karate my kids are learning, you should learn and take the kids too.

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