po-co-nuts, “please insert your parking ticket”

po-co-nuts = what zayd calls polka-dots

“please insert your parking ticket” = we went to children’s to see dr. fuleihan in immunology on monday.  he is a great doctor.  he know lederman from hopkins and has taken care of 1 child with AT in the past.  in the parking lot as we were leaving, the machine asked us for our parking ticket.  since then hamza has been walking around the house saying, “please insert your parking ticket.”

fajr and isha are getting tough.  make dua to make me regular.  too many 80 years are gonna add up and i’m gonna be stuck for a loooooong time.

haven’t given any definitions in a while.  there’s another lecture tonight.  i may not go, need to catch up on studying.

was sposed to go to ny to see the sisters, parents, and little brother.  couldn’t do the drive.  the thought of it made me nauseous.  and every weekend something has been coming up that has interfered in my studying.  this weekend i’m gonna finish the medstudy book – about 700 pages.  i have to get on those questions quick.

dr. fuleihan started zyrtec.  that should help with the cough/rhinitis.  finished another z-pak for OM.  fluconazole for another week or so.  i think we need to start boost or pediasure.  she fell off the growth chart.  mebbe getting a nutritionist.  but i know what they will do – take a 3-day inventory of her food and then tell us it’s not enough.  so might as well skip out the middle man and boost the kids calories.

have you seen gymkhana?  ken block with the wrx sti.

wasting time.  gotta get back to the work.


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