fireworks or firepower?

so we went to see the fireworks today around the neighborhood.  a dazzling display of colors and celebration of our country’s independence.  right.  while we celebrate our “freedom” (more on that another day) others wait for freedom from financial and military shackles.

my son didn’t enjoy the fireworks much.  it was too much noise.  the first loud boom and he ran back to the car.  he sat in the car the whole time we watched.  he even put his fingers in his ears.  if a 4-year-old behaves this way when we make noise and lights for fun, what becomes of a child growing up with sonic booms from F-16s and dazzling display of shock and awe firepower in countless areas across the world.

i know, it’s easy for me to sit behind my thousand dollar laptop and punch a few keys.  i suppose it’s a start.  make dua for those kids.  make dua that they don’t turn out full of revenge and return the favor to another generation of children like the other oppressive regimes are doing today.

i’m not going to post another video of children full of blood with missing body parts.  that’s not my intention.  we need to return to our creator.  we need to beg for his help.  then, and only then, will the righteous gain victory over the oppressors.  musa (peace be upon him) gained victory after many trials.  our beloved prophet (peace be upon him) did the same.  who are we to think that we will believe and not be tested.


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