what do teachers make?

my sister said my blog is lame cuz i’m just posting other peoples thoughts, videos, and so on.

well i’m studying.  don’t got time to lay my mind on paper while you examine it.  exam is on august 20.  tabbus on my case to go out for 4 months.  can’t do it.  mebbe 10 days after the exam.  six flags is tomorrow, can’t do it.  first krav class tomorrow.  haven’t signed up, but i’m gonna do a 1 hour trial.  but tonight we dine in hell.  i mean, tonight we study.

also, i’m way too connected.  home phone, cell phone, pager, my wife’s phone, work phone, secretary phone, email, chat…i think i’m gonna disappear for a few days and not let anyone contact me.  mebbe go on a boat or a cruise.  ship the kids off to grandma or something and finally go on that honeymoon.


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