krav knuckles

man, krav is so much fun.  and soooo tiring.  everytime i wanna head out to the gym, i get lazy.  but then i push myself and end up having a great time.  today we covered elbows.  didn’t realize there were so many ways to do an elbow.

i messed up my knuckles last week cuz i used the krav/mma gloves for the heavy bag and i started punching with the wrong knuckles.  you’re supposed to punch with the 1st two top knuckles (i.e. 2nd and 3rd metacarpophalangeal joint).  and when you get tired, you end up using the bottom joint (proximal interphalangeal joint), which is wrong.  i asked the teacher and found out it was a newbie mistake.  everyone’s done it.

my knuckles:


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