about to graduate

it’s almost here.  4 more days and i finish residency.  i am 27 years old.  graduated high school and went straight to nursing school.  was a nurse form 19 to 20.  went to 4 years of medical school.  then 3 years of residency.  i’ve been in school since i was 3.  probably even younger since we went to indian embassy school in damaam.  that’s 24 years of school.  and it’s finally over.

what’s next?  work.  family.  maybe settle down with a nice fat mortgage.  go on trips to yellowstone and the grand canyon.  buy a minivan or SUV.  donate to charities.  visit my mom and my wife’s mom more often.  (and our dad’s of course).

i’ve always wanted to hifz the quran.  maybe that will be my next project.  i spoke to imam musa and he said at the rate i plan on memorizing it can take up to 10 years.  that’s ok.  i’ve got nothing but time.  right now, mufti kamani has got us doing fiqh and is planning on switching over to hifz in about 6 months.  imam musa said he knows a really good hafiz on the north side who’s really good with kids.  mebbe i should hire him as my personal trainer.

family is heading to india in 3 days.  then i’ll have 22 days left to study for boards.  then 10 days of ramadan before work starts.

“are there cockroaches in india?” said hamza.

“yes,” my wife replied.

“why?” asked hamza.

he’s in for a surprise if he doesn’t remember the monster flying roaches in india.  gross.


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