neck sprain from krav

saturday we were practicing defense against a choke and i sprained my neck.  it got better (cuz i skipped a few classes) and then got worse when i went back today.  i feel like patrick ewing.  teeming with injuries.  first the knuckles.  now the neck.  a DO resident told me that i slightly displaced a bone.  i’ll get it set on friday.  hopefully my mom doesn’t read this.  isra, if you’re reading this, don’t tell her.  she’s got enough to worry about.

realized again that everyone has got something to deal with.  a different test.  mufti naval-ur-rahman said that allah looks at a person and gives them a specific test.  if that test was given to another person, it wouldn’t be congruent with his circumstances, personality or capabilities.

make dua for all the people in the world who are dealing with their tests.  make dua that we pass our tests with flying colors so that we can run across the bridge without any trouble at all.

i hope barack gets better.  he’s been in a slump for the past few months.  mebbe this healthcare bill will re-“stimulate” us.  then he can focus on making us united.

peace out cub scout.


3 responses to “neck sprain from krav

  1. sprained yr neck, what the hell are u doing

  2. monkeynursemd

    chill. it was a upper back spasm. i get them every 6-9 months or so. i’m all better now.

  3. What is krav?

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