they’ve arrived in india

alhamdulillah, spoke to the wife.  she’s at her momma’s house.  the trip went well.  nothing like she imagined.  they played with toys (that i purchased from the dollar store – i got a whole bunch of disposable toys) for the first 8 hours until germany.  then they slept for 8 hours until delhi.  then they found some kid and called him chachu and played with his iphone until hyderabad.  no swine flu issues.  they just asked if anyone had a fever. alhamdulillah.  now i don’t feel as bad cuz i didn’t drop them off.

also, i’m selling the white civic.  yea, i know, it was my “project car”.  it was the nostalgic, “i’m 18 again”, car.  i put it on craigslist this morning and got like 10 emails already.  civics sell fast.  even old ones.

i’ll probably get a minivan (gasp!) or a pilot/crv when the family gets back.  then i’ll sell the other civic (sniff, sniff) and pick up something that’s AWD/4WD for the god-awful chicago winters.  i wish they made AWD civics.  mebbe i’ll get a wrangler.  then i’ll rename myself “Jimbo Billy-Bob James Mullet III”


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