funny TJ stuff cleared

i’m glad somebody asked.  taken from => askimam.  few excerpts:

To clear up certain misunderstandings:

1.      A person will not go to Jahannum (hell) if he does not participate in the Jama’at work.

2.      If Hajj has become Fard (compulsory) on a person, he should fulfill the obligation of Hajj first.

3.      No one is guaranteed Hidayah (guidance), even after spending four months.

and my favorite:

7. Imām Mahdi will not have to spend four months.


one more quick link.  a nice post by Sheikh Hamza Karamali on the sunnipath blog.  kind of explains why there’s no such thing as a stupid question in the deen.  here’s the link => Freedom of Thought.  an excerpt:

No issue is beyond debate. No objection is taboo. Nothing to hide. No censorship.

The response to critique is not, “Stop insulting me!”, nor is it, “You infidel!!” the response is, “Come, let’s talk about it.”

The discipline of theology (`ilm al-kalam) has prophetic origins, and the intellectual confidence of the theologians is a prophetic confidence. Allah taught the Prophet to invite people to a free and open dialogue, to tell them that he will consider their religion if they will consider his, that he but wants the truth, and that if evidence points in favor of their religion, he will be the first to follow it : “Say: ‘If the All-merciful has a son, then I am the first to worship him.” (Quran, 43:81)

Classical Islamic civilization exuded this prophetic confidence—any book of theology will prove this—and the result was a society that allowed minds to investigate and inquire without restriction. Freedom of thought and freedom of speech are not modern phenomena. Freedom of thought and freedom of speech are prophetic phenomena. Every prophet since our father Adam (upon him be peace) invited people to reason and dialogue because that is how guidance is found.


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