a dishonest review on islam

interesting article by eboo patel (link).  didn’t read it too carefully (too tired, can’t sleep).  here’s an excerpt:

He refers to Europe’s Muslims as “guests” (quotation marks his), and says that they have overstayed their welcome. And then, in a peculiar turn, he tells the story of his own immigration to America. Why is he not a guest who has overstayed his welcome? Ahhh, because as he says, “I, and others like me, accepted the rupture in our lives … I accepted the ‘differentness’ of the new country … I needed no tales of the old country.”

Is this America he is talking about? This country that was build on immigrants coming and bringing the best of their heritage – arts, cuisine, work ethic, commitment to education, and yes, religious tradition. I mean, where would we be without Catholic universities or Jewish philanthropy? Does Ajami really think nations are build by immigrants leaving their heritage at home?


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