finally, some spoken word by me – please comment!

i can’t get passionate because i have no passion
you burnt me crisp and left me ashen
chasing the good life that’s gone in a flash
success in transit, but lost life ever-last
lives are wasted from boob tube to you
from hulu to cnet to hours on google
from posting to pasting to blogging like bugles
years of study have left me anything but useful
i can heal the body but lost the whole kit and caboodle
prayer’s a chore, the book is a dream
it sits up on bookshelves in proper esteem
how can i focus – my mind’s at full steam
distractions and pressures from W’s regime
keep blaming the others and not looking in
become lazy and lifeless and passive machines
wait for the day the laundry comes clean
you can’t defeat oppression by outliving it
can’t wait for the messiah to clean up this isht
can’t sit around thinking that someone will save you
the condition won’t change until you change you
rather i change me and reset my dreams
success in this world is not based on your measure
fasting and praying and seeking His pleasure
some blasting and spraying protecting their wives
their children and parents worth more than their life
refocus my life and leave the diversion
engrossment in pastimes and useless commotion
must rebuild the treaties and establish an order
based on love and unity and reconcile squabbles
rebuild the passion and fire it up
let it run loose and captivate others
work towards Allah, yes Allah is The One
the world can reject us before we are born
but keep hope alive and believe in The One
they can’t defeat someone who’s already won


3 responses to “finally, some spoken word by me – please comment!

  1. I think its great….alhumdulillah…now i need to come over…set up the mini-cam…..and you need to recite it in true spoken word form…and then we can have the live version up on your blog.


  3. MashaAllah….
    I knew you could climb
    but unaware of ur side to rhyme
    please write more in your prime
    will relax and read with a lime

    when did you runaway to Hyderabad?

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