i remember…sunday school

i remember when we used to go to sunday school on avenue j near coney island ave growing up.  the teacher was a distant relative of ours and had two boys of his own in the class.  prior to starting that sunday school we used to read quran with my dad, and i had gotten pretty good at reading the first 2 ruku of surah baqarah.

anyways, one day, the teacher at the sunday school was having all the guys read some quran to see how well they read.  when it was my turn i blew him away (cuz i was reading the first 2 ruku of baqara).  so he asked all the other kids to come and listen to this amazing (i think i was 7) young kid reading quran.  when i got past what i knew, i stopped like i hit a brick wall.  i stuttered my way through each letter, and the teacher was like, wth? so i explained, and that was my 2 minutes of fame.

also, i remember a question from sunday school.  what is something, when you lose it, it never comes back?

i’ll let you know next time.  salam.


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