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i don’t know if you’ve ever heard of munawar ali, but he’s the guy who’s had this website of sheikh hamza yusuf’s book recommendation for many years.  i was looking for books to read during my trip and remembered that this brother had made a list of books that sheikh hamza had either recommended or mentioned in his talks.  i haven’t been to his site in years, and it’s changed.  the list has grown.  there are a lot of books on that list.  one thing he does mention is that sheikh hamza (he abbreviates him SHY, i can see why now) made it a point to first develop an islamic foundation prior to all these other readings.

one of the things on his site is an unofficial biography of sheikh hamza yusuf.  it’s amazing.  we know so much about celebrities and sports figures – why waste time with those losers and rather learn about amazing real life people that will help us in the dunya and akhira.  it’s an amazing journey.  here’s a snippet of his bio:

But, particularly, I remember my 3rd grade teacher, Miss Williams, because there was an event that happened in 3rd grade that had a very deep impact on me, and that was that I was falsely accused of something, and I remember the mortified state that I was in, when someone came into the classroom, and whispered into her ear.

And they both looked at me, in front of all these small children and then the teacher said, ‘Oh we don’t like boys that do that’, and I was completely non-plussed, I didn’t know what they were talking about.  And I was taken to the principal’s office, and wacked with a paddle.

This was a complete case of false testimony by one of my arch-enemies in the playground.  That was my first real taste of injustice.  There I was, the arbitrary victim of false testimony, and I suffered the consequences.  And that taught me something about the nature of justice and injustice and that the sense that people feel when they are wronged.  When there is an injury, which is a beautiful word coming from the Latin Injuria, unjust.

you can read the rest here => SHY BIO


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