update on lotsa stuff

it’s been about a week since my last post.  been really busy. took my exam yesterday.  i think it was pretty fair.  ABIM knows that we’re not all super intelligent people. it was very practical.  the questions ranged from really long to one liners (which is weird, because all the practice questions were very long).  a few of the pictures stumped me.  then there was obviously the 100 or so that i guessed on because i had no clue.  it takes 3 months to get the results.

going to india today.  flights at 4 pm.  looks like ramadan will be starting on sunday august 23rd in india. they didn’t see the moon.  whew!  now i won’t miss the first fast.  i’m getting in around sehri time, so i packed a snickers bar just in case the airlines doesn’t feed me well.  the india peeps are also gonna bring a tosha – kichdri, keema – mmmmm, yum.

still have 4 eggs left in the refrigerator.  farhan is coming to pick me up, so i’m gonna give it to him.  i cleaned up the apartment pretty well.  hasn’t looked this good since we moved in.

dunno if you missed the recent ilminar by muhammad alshareef, but it was amazing.  i don’t think i will be doing the heartwheel.

ok, i’m gonna be taking the laptop to india, so expect updates (if i’m awake enough).  i’m taking my cellphone so i can take pics.


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