what a week

so i started my new job (hospitalist) this week, and with jetlag added to it, i haven’t sat down for a minute.  i’ve been either at work or sleeping.  i’m a bit rusty at work, i think because i haven’t been in a hospital for about 2 months.  but i’m starting to pick it up rather quickly.

one aspect i really enjoy is that i get to cut out the middle man and speak directly to my consultants to not only inform them of the consult, but to also have them call me back as soon as they see my patient.  i’ve been giving my cell phone out, and with the $250 stipend i get for cell phone usage every month, i think i’m going to switch to sprint unlimited.

yes, i said it.  i think i’m going to go with the palm pre instead of the iphone.  it sad, but att doesn’t have an unlimited plan, and by the way i’ve been using minutes this week, i’ll need it.  it’s starting to get enjoyable, and i can see how people have done this for years and years.

i haven’t started my plan of doing hifz yet, but i have next week off.  the kids are off on monday, so maybe i’ll get them dressed and take them to the zoo.  then we’ll see.


One response to “what a week

  1. salaam do u know or ur friends know of any apps on the iphone that will let u acess yr pc remotely. we just got the iphone because the child washed the old cell phone in the sink.

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