getting back to it

i went back to krav today.  i had eaten some thalawa khana just before going, and about 15 minutes into the workout, i felt quesy and sat down.  master george told me me to get a drink.  i dragged myself up the stairs, went straight to the bathroom and threw up all my food.  then i felt much better, had a drink of water, and got right back into it.

we learned how to defend against a choke from behind.  it’s a little different than from the first way they taught us.  instead of going right into an elbow to the face, you spin all the way around and throw punches to the head.  it’s like being a human pitbull.

finally went to isha salat at the masjid.  salat is always so much better at the masjid.

kids aren’t sleeping.  i’m hungry.  i think we’re gonna make grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.

i started maariful quran for the 10th time.  (that means i started it for the 10th time – not finished it).  it’s pretty interesting.  the copy i have is a present from my mom from when we were in india.  it skipped a small chunk of pages in the introduction, so i have to go back and read that part on my computer.  you know all of MQ is online, right?  just google it.

almost done with my week off.  next week will be more fun because i get my first paycheck.  i need to first pay the rent.  then i definitely need a cell phone.  i think i’m going with iphones.  it’s a bit more expensive, but you can’t beat it.  then i need a car.  my wife won’t let me bike to work, or else i would have done that long time ago.  it’s not safe apparently.

i’m looking at the VW rabbit.  zero percent financing.  18 inch rims.


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