work is…work

went back to work today after a week off. monday’s are always super busy. not only do you play catch up with the patient’s that you’ve picked up, but also take new admissions from the night before. then to top it off i’m on call today, so i handled calls from the ED. one thing that’s really starting to make sense is that WORK is WORK. no matter how you cut it, even if you really enjoy it, at some point it’s still work.

nothing beats sitting on your sofa with a good book or eating a nice meal in peace or even just sleeping as much as you want. i guess that’s why vacations were invented.

went to mufti kamani’s fiqh class today after a long hiatus. he’s so chill, alhamdulillah. explains stuff in our language. also, he makes us do everything we read, kind of living the book. and you can’t forget the crazy examples he gives.

i think we have to find a house near icc. hopefully he won’t leave by the time i’m ready to buy a house.


One response to “work is…work

  1. salam guess what i was able to use remote acess for my computers using my iphone

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