guys, go to the dentist.  also, brush and floss.  not just because i want my brother-in-law to get more business, but because if you put things off, they just get worse.  a stitch in time saves nine.  don’t throw stones in glass houses.  wait, that doesn’t make any sense.

amina just got a tooth extracted today because the cavity was too deep.  sure, maybe we suck at parenting, but the other two kids don’t have cavities like her.  i think its because she doesn’t brush as hard as the boys do.  so we will be doing the brushing and flossing for her.

oh, i haven’t told you guys the coolest thing – Amina should be starting school within the next two weeks inshallah.  we finished the IEP (individualized education plan) with chicago public schools a week and a half ago.  then they have 10 calendar days to place her.  she’ll have a shared aide to help her around the school and also to act as a scribe when she gets tired of writing. she hasn’t been to school since june and i think she’s tired of being at home.

work this week isn’t so bad.  i’ve averaged about 5-6 patients.  i did have a patient that drove me nuts yesterday, demanding to stay in the hospital.  whatever happened to doctor knows best?  i’m really thinking of opening my own clinic.  but i keep thinking of all the paperwork i’d have to do and ditch the idea.


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