discipline to train? train your discipline?

every time i go to new york for a week, it takes me another week to get motivated enough to get back to krav.  i haven’t been to the class in two weeks.  i called master pena and made my case to quit, and he wouldn’t have it.  he said that we’ve all been there before.  he asked me if i liked it, and i said, what’s not to like.  i get a rush every time i go.  so i will go back tonight.  my goal is at least twice a week when i’m working, and 4 times a week when i’m not working.

this week i’m not working.  i got a call from amina’s caseworker.  she should start school in another day or two.

here’s an interesting article => Train Discipline.  an excerpt below:

The opposite view says that you can exercise your discipline just like you can exercise your muscles, making it stronger. You can train yourself, you can change your entrenched bad habits that date back to when you were young. An example would be a person who completes a diet, and instead of reverting back to their old ways and regaining all the weight, successfully incorporating this into a full lifestyle change.

Another argument would be the power and adaptability of the human brain and spirit. History is littered with examples of no-hopers who against all odds fought tooth and nail to succeed in their field.


couple of videos.  the first one is awesome.


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