starting 2nd grade, profiling

so, i’ve got some good news.  after 6 month hiatus and bumming around at home and india, amina will be starting 2nd grade, alhamdulillah.  she’s scheduled to start this coming wednesday.  they need to make a few changes to her IEP, specifically change her shared aide to a one-to-one aide.  the caseworker at the local school was very concerned about safety.  she wanted to make sure someone was with her at all times to assist with transfers and also to monitor level of fatigue.  she’ll also be getting supervised physical education, 25 minutes of physical therapy per week outside of the classroom and a few other things.  but the coolest thing is that she’ll be part of the general education students.  they wanted to keep her with everyone else, and simply boost all her physical assistance.  because her intelligence isn’t affected by AT, they felt if we can support her physical needs then she’ll be able to succeed.  also, wheelchair is coming!


here’s a few videos on profiling.

get ready for some camps.  the big difference is that you can see japanese or black on someones face, but you can’t always see muslim (being that muslim is a faith and not an ethnic group).  maybe muslim women should switch to wearing a habit.  and muslim men can start wearing suits and yarmulke.  then they’ll need to figure out a way to see tawhid.  heh heh…enjoy.

my wife wears a niqab (veil) and they usually have her step to the side to do a quick pat-down of her head and neck.  they’ve told her it’s because they can’t clear her because her clothing is loose.  in india, they have curtained off areas where the women in burkas and niqabs step into with a female police officer to get searched.  keep it humane guys.  several countries have dealt with the “issue” on how to properly clear “bulky” clad people for years.  let’s not get nasty.  let’s focus on the goal of safety and humility.


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