slap on the wrist

take a look at this:

PISCATAWAY, N.J. — Friends said the man charged with breaching security at Newark Liberty Airport is a romantic who just wanted to say goodbye to his girlfriend.

Speaking outside Haisong Jiang’s home in Piscataway on Saturday, Ning Huang said he has known Jiang, 28, for several years. He said Jiang is “a very good person” who didn’t realize the ramifications of his actions last Sunday.

Andy Riu, who also described himself as a friend of Jiang, called him “very romantic.” Both men said Jiang had been dating the woman for about a year and that he had flown to California several times to visit her. The woman, a recent Rutgers University graduate who lives in Los Angeles, was in New Jersey for a holiday visit.

Jiang, who is Chinese, is a doctoral student at Rutgers and has been in the United States since 2004. He faces a defiant trespassing charge and a fine of up to $500.

it’s a slap on the wrist!  does this moron realize what a big “mistake” he did?  can you imagine what would happen if i were to say goodbye to my wife at the airport like that?  not only do i have a beard, but my wife wears a niqab.  it would have been bananas!

i wonder if we’ll continue to be second class citizens, become social outcasts and start living in projects.  there’s already several somalian gangs in minneapolis (link).  that’s how gangs and violence begins you know.  watch crips and bloods, made in america => here or here.

it all starts from disenfranchised people wanting to do something good to protect their people.  some people succeed and build communities, while others aren’t so lucky and end up in violence.  you know, muslims are good people.  dedicated and hardworking.  it would suck if that energy was converged into bad intentions.  there’s a lot of muslim youth in the world.  if they continue to be barraged by anti-muslim sentiment, it may not turn out as nice.  we need to change our focus to building bridges and working together.  or if you really want to hate/make fun of people, do it equally, like southpark or russell peters.

maybe this whole thing will just blow over.  a religious or ethnic group gets picked every few years.  blacks, jews, irish, russians, muslims, and so on.  maybe i should start working with cair or aclu.


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