Jamat day 1

Its 630 am. About to pray fajr. They asked me to give the six point bayan. Bad choice. I don’t even know what the six points are. Iman, salat, ikhlas, ikram, ilm and zikr, and dawat. There, that’ll be my bayan.

Last night we ate dinner and slept. I asked ameer about why we’re doing this. What’s the whole purpose of leaving our families and sleeping in a random masjid somewhere.

Its 9 am. Just lost half my post. So I’m writing stuff from memory. I’m gonna post a few times a day so I don’t lose it again.

My bayan was lame. Imam Siraj once said that if all you know are ABCs and Sesame Street that’s all you can talk about. Here are some tips that I got from one of the more experienced brothers:

Purpose of jamat
– have a jamat leave from here (this locality)
– build the five amaal
– how the locality can help this effort
– increase our amaal; focus on increasing our ibaadat as much as possible
– benefit is only if we do amaal; if we don’t then we won’t change
– effort is 99% nighttime
– the one that achieves this best that goes out

4 things to do more
– invite to Allah: greatness of Allah, importance in following Rasul, shortness of this life, importance of akhira
– learning and teaching: tajweed, duas, etc
– zikr and ibadaat: 100 x morning and evening 3 tasbih, 1 para, tahajjud, jamat prayers, half hour dua
– khidmat

4 things to do less
– less time eating
– less time sleeping
– decrease dunya talk, cellphone; disconnect yourself
– less going outside the masjid

4 things to avoid
– don’t ask for things that aren’t yours, I.e. car, phone
– don’t feel it in your heart
– no extravagance, excess spending
– don’t use anything without permission


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