Jamat Day 1…uh 2

Its 5 pm. Almost time for maghrib. We went to jumah at islamic foundation. Its gotten HUGE. Mashallah it looks amazing. SHARK (Sheikh Abdur Rahman Khan) led the khutba. Then we came back, had lunch (biryani again – I’m gonna get fat), and then I drove back to Chicago to get two other brothers who are joining us for the next two days. Then we went through the fard and sunnah of wudu, ghusl and salat using taleemul haq. After maghrib we’re going for gusht.

Crap. Its day 2. Yesterday they did gusht, we had a bayan. I also talked to a 20 year old Bosnian Muslim who had seen most of his extended family die during the war in the 1990s. He was a bit teary eyed talking about it. He also got teary eyed when he talked about all the “stuff” he was involved in the past. He apparently spent 18 months in jail. But he’s looking for positive reinforcement, and the TJs seem to be it.

Today went ok. I was pretty tired from last night. Went to sleep around midnight. Today I read some quran, memorized a bit and prayed all my sunnah. We also read Riyadh us Saliheen for 2 hours. There’s a hadith about 2 groups of people who are on a boat. One is on the upper deck and one on the lower. The lower deck people tell the upper deck people that they won’t bother them for water. They will simply drill a hole in the bottom of the boat. This is said out of ignorance. If the upper deck people don’t stop this “bad” deed then the whole boat will perish. Its the same thing in this society. If some evil is going on, ie shirk, then if we don’t stop it and try to convince the people to come back to the worship of one god then all of society will fail.

Ok, about to do gusht again. FYI: TJs loooove chai. I’ve had 3 cups today already. Ill post something tomorrow Ia.


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