Update day 3; superbowl

This is from last weekend:
– Do the effort daily and you will make your iman. Whoever opens the shop daily will make money. Think whether you have given time to Allah. Mashwara daily. Sit in taleem of the masjid and the home daily.
– Dunya is muqaddar (destined) for you – dad dies and money is given to you. Deen is thru mushakhat – effort; dad dies as a hafiz, you don’t automatically become hafiz.

And back to today. I’m watching the superbow. Yes, me. I haven’t watched a football game in a long time. We’ll see how it goes.

We started a new dictation system at work. All the hospitalists are piloting it. We all got $400 mics that we carry around and plug into computers on the floors. I’ve started to round on all my patients first and sit in one spot for all my charting. Its made work a lot easier.

Next week I’m off. I really got to get back to trying to memorize. Its taken me two months to get thru 4 surahs. And then I’m starting to lose it already. They’re right when they say the easiest part is memorizing it; the toughest part is retaining it.

I’m thinking of putting Hamza in karate. My wife wants karate and I want takewondo. I think there’s a dojo (hah!) about two blocks away from our place.

Krav is going well. We’ve started to do ground work, which can get tiring. I stopped my pursuit of 100 pushups and now have a goal of 10 minutes jumprope. My biggest limitation with Krav and pushups is my aerobic capacity.


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