snow; making more tables

just realized that the posts that i published thru my phone never went thru.  today it snowed a lot.  it snowed all night, and it’s planning to snow all day.  about a foot or so.  ever since we moved to this new place its been great.  they have people that come and clean up all the snow.  i haven’t shoveled in years, alhamdulillah.

my parents are coming next week.  very excited.  it’s been a while.  only sucky part is that i’m not off.  i’m off this week.  the boys don’t have school today because of the snow.  i think amina still has school. cps NEVER closes.  seriously.  there has to be a tornado with a hurricane in the middle of a earthquake for chicago public schools to close.

we bought more stuff.  we got a carpet.  oh yea, i built another table.  see the video below.  for some reason i can’t upload the first one when i was unloaded the raw materials from my car.


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