to xbox or not to xbox – is that a question?

went to west suburban for the past two weeks.  finally off for a week.  in addition to seeing our patients everyday, we cover the hospital from 7a to 7p.  also, we’ve decreased our call to 1-2 times a week instead of 2-3.  the difference is that we cover two hospitals instead of one, and it can get busy. west suburban is a weird hospital.  masonic is a top 100 wired hospital – everything is computerized.  we recently stopped typing and now dictate everything into the computer system.  to go from that to a complete paper system is nutty.  also the nurses took lessons from florence nightengale herself.  some of them wear the whole white nurse outfit – like the ones i wore in nursing school…..i remember once my mother painted her nursing shoes with white paint because the nursing instructors were so strict – hah!

i bought a bike.  it’s a used one – didn’t think it would make sense to get a brand new expensive one, especially since i talk the talk and hardly walk it.  i wanted to try riding my bike to work once a week.  i haven’t taken it on the road yet and i’ve had it for over 2 weeks.  it cost me $60.  it’s a single speed schwinn with a three speed internal gear system.  road bike with skinny tires.  really fast.

also bailed on our last jamat.  need to head back to the masjid.  the brothers keep calling.

krav level 1 test is on april 25th.  3 hours.  dunno if i’m ready.  i still get winded after about 30 minutes.  also the previous week i had a bronchitis and didn’t work out for a week.  i think i know most of the moves.  it’s a $50 test, so i don’t want to waste it. if i don’t take it now, i can’t take it until june.  i think i’m going to give it a shot, and if i pass, great, if not, no biggie.

thinking about the xbox.  i recently realized that many people who wouldn’t look like gamers have video game systems.  i know a full bearded tassawwuf following, shalwar wearing tabbu that plays need for speed on his ps2.  another brother who cried while delivering a sermon not only has a ps3, but an xbox 360 and a psp for his son, who’s becoming a hafiz.  i suppose it’s like anything in life – as long as it’s not considered opulent and wastes time, it should be ok. hamza really wants a video game system too.

the problem with getting an xbox is that i would have to get a tv as well.  we’ve been tv free since 2007.  i know we still watch stuff on the internet, but it’s in no way as time consuming and life stealing as sitting in front of the boob tube for 8 hours a day.  nothing is as addicting as coming home from work and letting your brain go numb for a few hours.  but i began ignoring family and life’s other responsibilities so we decided to get rid of it.  it’s been pretty good.  i wonder if i could just get a monitor and hook it up to an xbox.

i’m off this week, so i’ll try to write daily to make up for the month that i missed.


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