my blog isn’t dead. it’s a little sick.

every day i go to google news and search “muslim” or “islam” to see what’s going on with my people.  there’s a lot of articles that pop up that are interesting, but because my macbook was out of commission (the kids poured juice into it and now it’s got sticky keys and the battery is shot, so it’s a desktop now – i ended up giving it to hamza) i didn’t post those articles that i found interesting.

i just read one from MM.  it’s an eye-opener.  i went to high school in the late 90s, and things seemed far too liberal.  compared to today, however, i wish the kids were like that now.  here’s the link => Day of Silence .  and an excerpt:

“I attended an all-women liberal arts college in Wellesley, Massachusetts. During our first year orientation, we gathered in the common room where mats were laid out of us. A senior from the Gay and Lesbian Association (GALA) asked us to lie down on the mat and close our eyes. Scared to death, at 17 fresh off the plane from Lahore, Pakistan, I had no clue what they expected from us. It wasn’t anything promiscuous, God forbid. They just asked us to close our eyes and imagine a world where daddies were only married to daddies and mommies were married to mommies and if I was a little girl in that world, who liked the little boy across the street but I couldn’t because mommies could only marry mommies. Very innocent, the words.

Those words stuck with me and I still remember them after 17 years. “Once you have the vocabulary to talk with young children about homosexuality, it becomes very easy,” says Dr. Justin Richardson, a Harvard-educated psychiatrist and director of Columbia University’s Center for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Mental Health. Richardson says educators need to aid the pre-homosexual child with a supportive school environment, paving the way for his later coming out. He claims that a child’s sexual orientation is determined very early in life around four years of age, so why not prepare the pre-homosexual child for the inevitable? This quote by Dr. Richardson came from a talk he delivered ten years ago at a teachers’ conference. This agenda is at work in our public school system and the fitnah has created is real.

Also in my student orientation, I heard a young, black woman talk about her life as a poor, black, gay teenager. I met many intelligent women who were kind and gentle and gay. I remember being admonished by several housemates for thinking that homosexuality was a mental abnormality akin to physical abnormalities. I was figuratively ‘hypnotised’ into believing that it was natural for 10% of the human race to be homosexual believing that they could not control themselves. That December, when I went to visit my parents over winter break, my sister snapped me out of my brainwashed state. She said ‘Apa! Listen to yourself.’”


i bought an xbox.  it came with forza and halo.  forza is a racing game, similar to gran turismo.  it’s a lot of fun, squeaky clean.  halo, on the other hand, is scary as heck.  the soundtrack is straight out of horror movies, it’s dark and aliens pop out of corners shooting at you.  dunno if i can play it long.   i thought i would be on it for hours and hours, but i just dont have the time.  zayd and amina aren’t interested.  hamza played a little bit, and likes it very much.  but he’s really good when i tell him to shut it off.  he knows that homework comes first.  also, he just started taekwondo.  we bought the uniform and everything, and it’s pretty cool.  the only thing is that they bow to everything – everything!  the walls, each other, the room, the parents.  my sister said its ok, because its how they show respect.  there’s really no other way.  there’s a muslim guy who runs a jujistu school – but the people who go there are mainly cops and military.  also, i don’t think jujistu is practical.  taekwondo and krav maga are way better for your everyday self defense living in the city.

btw, my level 2 exam is coming up on april 25.  i’m worried about my stamina.  i’ll let you know how it goes.


Dr. Israr Ahmed passed away.  May Allah grant him paradise and forgive any of his sins.  We may not all agree with what he preached, but he spent his life working for islam.


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  2. what do u think about this?:

    “Qur’an does not prohibit using, as passive sex partners, the ancient category of men who by nature lacked desire for women, since such men were not considered ‘male’ as a result of their lack of arousal for women. This kind of man is often known as ‘gay’ in modern times, but in the ancient world he was identified as an anatomically whole ‘natural eunuch.’

    Although the Qur’an never uses the word eunuch [khasiyy], the hadith and the books of the legal scholars do. Furthermore, the Qur’an recognizes that some men are ‘without the defining skill of males’ (24:31: ‘ghair oolaa il-irbati min ar-rijaali’) and so, as domestic servants, are allowed to see women naked. This is a reference to natural eunuchs, i.e. gay men.”

    -Faris Malik

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