All About

All about this blog:

Blog.  It’s like a diary that everyone can read.  And comment on.


All about me:

A man with many hats.  Father, husband, physician, former nurse, TJ, YM, ICNA, AlMaghrib, Shariah Board, SunniPath, Tassawuf, and so on.  Brooklyn raised.  Live in Chicago.  I spose I don’t have to write this b/c the picture says it all.


All about my views:

Rabbi Moses Maimonides lived and flourished in Muslim Spain.  The “Golden Years” of the Jews and Muslims after Biblical/Quranic times was during this time.  I believe that we can get back to this time when we realize that every human wants the same thing: freedom to live life as they comprehend it.  It would be nice if everyone understood the deen of Islam, because it is such a beautiful deen, but not everyone will get it.  If they don’t, so be it.  Yes, maybe I’m a dreamer, but the worse the situation gets, the bigger we need to dream.  May we have peace on earth again.  Ameen.


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