eating the muslim ummah

from timesonline => globalised suffering of the muslims

don’t know if the whole article is applicable.  there are many other efficient and harmonious ways to help, especially as citizens of the u.s.  getting involved in the political process, seeking assistance and advice from other groups that have succeeded in combating racism, and above all – making dua.

disclaimer: the linked article above is not meant to incite violence, but to elucidate a point that we must return to our deen.  no thoughtless, reactionary comments allowed!  the pen is mightier than the sword!

an excerpt:

The example that the Prophet gave is that of a group of people seated around a platter of food, a very large plate. Traditionally, the Arabs would sit together in large numbers and eat together from a very large plate, rather than individually. And often, when they would cook an animal, they wouldn’t cut up the pieces of meat beforehand. Most often, they would roast the whole animal and it would be there, ready to eat. The Arabs, being very hospitable, would gather around this large plate of food and invite one another… they would even invite strangers, in the knowledge and conviction that there is sufficient food to go around. As they gather, one rips off part of the shoulder, another rips off part of the leg, another rips off part of the body of the animal, and in this way they would consume the food, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

This is the example that the Prophet has given in the hadith and he says: “Soon a time will come upon you when in this same fashion and manner, different nations will invite one another to consume the Muslim ummah (the global community of Muslims) in the same way.”

Calmly, pleasantly, without any embarrassment or shame, without any fear of retaliation or consequence, with total impunity, people will invite one another against you. And the Muslim ummah will be so large in numbers, in size, so scattered across the globe, that there will be enough for all. Everyone can have a party and there will still be leftovers.


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