fajr ball, physiology professor in gusht

this morning was so much fun.  woke up for fajr – went to SBA (shariah board of america).  then picked up omer and umair (the younger one) and went to foster beach for ball.  this is where we played, if you don’t know what it looks like: Foster Beach BBall Court

played a few pick up games and then hit the beach.  not a soul in sight. played tips (or taps for you chicagoans) for another hour or so.  the water was crazy cold, but it warmed up once we started playing.

amazing.  simply amazing.  reminds me of the carribeans.  like south friars bay: South Friars

then later today after asr, we did our weekly gusht/jowla at sba.  we met this professor who lives in a primarily hasidic jewish neighborhood.  he came to america from hyderabad in 1960.  he’s taught countless numbers of physicians and nurses in medical/nursing schools and multiple hospitals across chicago.  he’s got a masters and a phd.  crazy smart dude.  we spent like half an hour talking to him.

i’m sore all over.  my knee hurts.  i think i’m getting old.  is 27 too early for a mid-life crisis?  i really wanted to purchase this sick hybrid bike, but we (i.e. my wife) decided against it.  mebbe when i start my new job.


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